Forum 26, Perth – 24th February 2022

The Empire Bar Function Room, Lathlain

Forum 26 was our first forum of 2022; nine presenters provided thought-provoking and informative content that was well received by the forum participants. Some of the forum highlights included; Dr Vanessa Bowden, a human factors researcher and lecturer from The University of Western Australia, had participants wowed with the statement “you cannot multi-task”. Dr Bowden went on to prove this in her presentation.


Paul McGuire from Nationwide Training covered the latest on Chain of Responsibility (CoR). Niomi Hurley from Get Up and Grow presented on The Importance of Psychological Safety and touched on risk management and duty of care amongst other valuable areas.


Teresa Williams shared a very moving and thought provoking presentation called IF which left us all to reflect on our own ‘what if’ questions. Mick Wainwright from the Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services provided us with the latest HVS updates. Dr Laura Fruhen from The University of Western Australia gave a presentation on Leading for Safety that highlighted that for a safety culture to be successful it needs to be led from the top.


Engel Prendergast who represented Injury Matters spoke about Investing in Mental and Physical Health and had the participants partake in a breathing and relaxation exercise. Leigh Farrow from Teletrac Navman shared the latest developments in Driver Electronic Work Diary Solutions.


Nick Fox from Alcolizer Technology presented on Managing Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Workplace and shared some interesting statistics.


A great variety of fresh topics were covered at the forum and looking after our mental and physical health emerged as a common theme amongst the presentations. Overall the feedback received was immensely positive with words of praise for our presenters, location, and food. Moving forward, we will look for other locations that have bigger premises, always in a location easily accessible with plenty of parking.

“I enjoyed all topics on the day. Food and location were great. Venue a little bit cramped for the time involved. Prefer to sit at tables likes in the past. Overall very good, well done.” – Kieran Sutton, Linfox

“Very informative considering our present environment.” – Dave Lord

“Reginal seminars would be fabulous. Great venue and food. Presenters well spoken and great topics + iNSTRUCKTA! is a fantastic program.” – Stephanie Everitt

Click Here to view The Importance of Psychological Safety, delievered by Niomi Hurley, Chairperson for TRANSAFE WA and a highly qualified individual, holding a degree in – Bachelor of Business HR Management; Bachelor of Arts: Psychology; Diploma in Work Health, Safety; Diploma in Quality Auditing; Diploma in Leadership & Management.

Presentations from the day have been made available by the speakers for download:

Paul McGuire, Nationwide Training – Chain of Responsibility

Niomi Hurley, Get Up and Grow – The Importance of Psychological Safety

Teresa Williams, Main Roads – ‘IF’

Mick Wainwright, Heavy Vehicle Services – MRWA Update

Laura Fruhen, UWA – Leading for safety – it matters why you focus on safety

Vanessa Bowden, UWA – What Impacts Driver Performance

Engel Prendergast, Injury Matters – Investing in mental and physical health

Leigh Farrow, Teletrac Navman – Driver Electronic Work Diary Solution

Nick Fox, Alcholizer – Managing Alcohol & Drug Abuse in the Workplace