Forum 4 Archive 30/3/15, Perth


Lyndal Denny (PHHG), Jillian Dielesen and Norma Nisbett (Logistics Training Council) and Kathleen Janissen (Compliance Partners WA)



Transafe WA Chair Steve Post (back left) with all the speakers at the end of the day

Forum 4: Perth, 30th March 2015

Close to 200 participants contributed to the 4th Transafe WA Road Transport Industry Safety Forum held in Perth on Monday 30/3/15…

This is what just some of the participants had to say:

“… it was exceptional… it’s a ‘must attend’ in my calendar. You provide a great service to the transport industry.”


“Great range of stakeholders – drivers, owners and regulators.”

“Seems like different groups (represented today) are working hard on their subjects… the Transafe WA forum helped to bring this intelligence together.”

“Has been well worth the trip each time. I have learnt something from each event and as a safety professional I’m starting to view the seminars as healthy assistance to improving the safety of our organisation. It’s the technical aspects and new industry innovations that I take from the events and I’m an ex-trucker myself, no price on keeping up in a busy world.”

The Hon Alyssa Hayden MLC spoke to open the forum congratulating Steve Post and the Committee of Management of Transafe WA for progress with the initiative. Ms Hayden also launched Transafe WA’s tail-lift signage project aimed at educating drivers to share the roads safely with heavy vehicles. Look out for the signs on the tail-lifts of the IGA fleet and contact us if you are interested in joining the project.

Christine Weston, daughter of

Christine’s bravery in adding her family’s story to the the safety forum gave a very real context to the important messages behind all the ensuing presentations.  Read more in ‘Hope that loss sparks reform’, The West Australian, March 28-29, 2015.

Many were intrigued by Nick Mabbot’s excellent explanations of sleep, why it is necessary and how to get the best you can. Nick’s sleep diary was made available to all participants to fill in for a review if they suspect they have a sleep issue or problem. You can still download the sleep diary and email it to

Mike Robertson, Heather Jones and Lyndal Denny were equally entertaining with their presentations on load restraint, and on gender diversity and the importance of structured training in the Australian road transport sector.

Gary Wolstencroft, Senior Risk Engineer with Zurich Financial Services detailed how Ryans Group has significantly improved safety and operational efficiency since 2005, in close cooperation with Zurich Risk Engineering. Read the case study Driving Down Risk, Driving Up Safety and Performance.

And many men in the audience walked away with an option for losing weight without ‘eating like a rabbit’. Diabetes WA General Manager of Health Services, Helen Mitchell outlining their new program Workplace POWER. An inexpensive program, Workplace POWER is the world’s first innovative and proven weight loss program targeting men only. We know of one forum participant who was about to sign up. Diabetes WA will donate a small fee from each program sold to Transafe WA. Give it a go!

Stephen Marley (TruckSafe), Jillian Dielesen (Logistics Training Council) and Paul Bond (Manager of Heavy Vehicle Transport Compliance with Main Roads) also gave valuable updates during the course of an informative day.

View the agenda from the 30/3/15 forum.

Forum presentations that have been approved for general viewing are available below:

Thought Provoking Options for Reducing Fatigue’s Contribution to Road Crashes. A presentation by Dr Nick Mabbott, Beyond Midnight

Chain of Responsibility in WA – an update. A presentation by Paul Bond, Manager of Heavy Vehicle Transport Compliance, Main Roads WA

ADR 38/04 Trailer Brake Requirements – An overview of the changes in the latest revision. A presentation by David Hose, Coordinator Technical Policy and Services, Department of Transport

Driving Down Risk, Driving Up Safety and Perfomance. A presentation by Gary Wolstencroft, Senior Risk Engineer, Zurich Financial Services


Alert but not overloaded, strategies to tackling driver fatigue – Zurich News, 6/2/15

Keep on truckin’ – safely – Zurich News, 6/2/15

Load Restraint for Managers. A presentation by Mike Robertson, Managing Director, Engistics

Workplace POWER – a new workplace wellness program designed especially for men. A presentation by Helen Mitchell, General Manager of Health Services, Diabetes WA

Gender diversity and the importance of structured training in the Australian transport sector. A presentation by Heather Jones and Lyndal Denny, Founders of the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls

The case for Trucksafe. A presentation by Stephen Marley, Chairman of Trucksafe and CEO of Marley’s Transport


The 9th International Conference on Managing Fatigue – a report for Transafe WA prepared by Felicity Millman, Circadyn


Transafe WA gratefully acknowledges the 30/3/15 forum sponsor CJD Trucks – Kenworth DAF, Perth

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