Major Agriculture Cooperative Partners with iNSTRUCKTA! Safety Project – December 2022

TRANSAFE WA has announced a new partner for its iNSTRUCKTA! safety truck initiative project.

iNSTRUCKTA! is the name of TRANSAFE WA’s custom truck and semi-trailer combination in development, which is spec’d to deliver innovative educational road safety programs.

The project was made possible with the support of the Federal Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI), WA’s Road Safety Commission and other industry partners.

Today, CBH Group announced that it has joined forces with TRANSAFE WA as the truck’s newest Gold Safety Partner.

Under this agreement, CBH will contribute $25,000 on behalf of Western Australian growers which will help support iNSTRUCKTA! to visit schools and community events within grain growing areas in the state.

At the events, participants will be encouraged to enter the prime mover to receive the full truck driver experience, while getting a visual of what operators can and can’t see.

There will also be ten real truck seats with virtual reality equipment which will simulate real-life situations such as overtaking, turning trucks, blind spots and cutting in.

In addition, there will be various road safety videos and quizzes which will encourage participants to do their part in reducing the road toll.

TRANSAFE WA Executive Officer, Robin Sharpe, said he was very grateful for the support of CBH Group.

“CBH have taken the time and energy to invest in our vision of a safe, professional and sustainable road transport industry that protects its employees and the broader community,” he said.

“CBH’s sponsorship is integral to our ability to deliver our road transport industry safety initiatives like iNSTRUCKTA! which is our dedicated Western Australian safety truck resource.”

CBH Group COO, Mick Daw, said the partnership is a step forward in making regional WA roads safer for everyone.

“Each year we see a large increase of heavy vehicles on country roads during the busy harvest period,” he said.

“We are pleased to partner with iNSTRUCKTA! to educate Western Australian drivers on how to drive safely around trucks.”