National Road Safety Partnership Program

Another great forum for sharing road safety initiatives.

This program, launched during May 2014 encourages Australian businesses to share their proven road safety tips.

The NRSPP website is full of examples, resources, Q&A sheets, fact sheets, tools, evidence, networks and ideas to help improve road safety in your workplace.

Transafe WA encourage you to use the resource and register for the NRSPP updates.

Jerome Carslake, Manager of the NRSPP spoke about the program at the 2nd Transafe WA Road Transport Industry Safety Forum.

“I think the resources that Jerome from NRSPP presented are pure gold for transport operators, as they show credible companies making significant improvements, and the pathways by which they achieved their safety targets. The Transafe WA Board and Committee should be heartily congratulated on their planning and the choice of topics.” – 2nd Transafe WA Road Transport Industry Safety Forum Participant